Cooper's Cider Original

In many parts of the world the art of making a wonderful cider out of fresh apples is well known. Christof Heil masters this art, too, and by doing so, he preserves the Heil family tradition of being excellent cider makers. In this tradition he, together with his brother Martin, created Cooper’s Cider.

The apples for Cooper's cider are thoroughly chosen, carefully pressed and slowly fermented. A slower fermentation process is, beside the quality of the apples, very important for the special character of the cider. In the bottling process no preservatives are used at all. Instead, the cider is preserved by a careful pasteurization in the bottle.

Cooper's Cider is available in 0.33-litre and 1.0-litre one-way bottles as well as in 0.5-litre cans.

Cooper's Cider is produced in a family company that meets the highes production requirements.
Several awards, medals and the certification according to the International Food Standard (IFS) are proof of this.

By the way: Apple trees and orchard meadows provide a home for many plants and animals. For this reason, we have been engaged for many years in planting and tending apple trees - especially the old apple varieties, which are very important for a good cider.

So every cider friend is also a friend of nature and environment!